Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I like a great many others in the Pagan community are awaiting some sad news.  It has been know for some time now that Isaac Bonewitz has been battling cancer.  The battle is almost over and it will be one that cancer wins.  Over the last year the outpouring of love and support for Isaac and he wife Pheadra has been great.  The whole community (or at least a very large percentage) has been involved, myself included.  I have never met Isaac but his influence for me has been far too great to measure and for that I consider him a friend.  I cannot say how saddened I am that we are loosing him.  I cry every time I think about it.  I'm crying right now in fact.  I can feel the sting of the tears as I type this. 

For over 40 years Isaac has been a pillar of strength in the Pagan movement.  More than that, he is one of the cornerstones in the foundation of modern Paganism.  A great deal of what we are today, we owe to Isaac. Wether you agreed with him or not, no one can deny his contributions. 

That I will never get to tell him how much he has changed and helped my life is something I shall always regret.  He helped shape the person I am today and for that I will always hold a place for him in my heart. 
My heart goes out to his family in this time and I just hope that when it comes they can find comfort in knowing that both he and they are well loved. 

Isaac, when the time comes, I wish you peace and rest on your journey across the waters.  You will be greatly missed

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