Friday, March 19, 2010

PFP Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3.  We talk about Project Pagan Enough,  Ostara, the recent approval of Pagan holidays by the NJ Board of Education, Texas SBE taking a huge step back, and a couple great references for Pagan parents.

Our Tarot card of the Day: 10 of Wands : Shouldering the Burden

The Celtic Word of the Day:

Cead Mile Failte- 10,000 Welcomes

Links mentioned in the show:

Pooka Pages-

The Earth Child's Handbook-

Circle Round Raising Children in Goddess Traditions-

Goddesses mentioned:

Airmed or Airmid- Irish Goddess of Healing, medicinal plants, and the Keeper of Spring

Brighid- Irish Goddess of poetry and inspiration, midwifery, healing, childbirth, crafts, and smiths.


carebear said...

I love your podcast it has truly given me some insight on things i have been curious about and i love the word of the day. I just wanted to bring something to your attention, the link for The Earth child's handbook seems to be not working and I couldn't locate a way on the website to download the book.
Blessed Be )0(

Amber said...

I'm so glad to hear you like the show. As for the ECH, I think she is in the process of revamping her site and that is why it isn't working. I actually need to email her and find out what is going on. I am really hoping that she hasn't decided to end the project. I will post a note and mention it on the show when I find out for sure what is going on. If you have anything you would like to hear about on the show please feel free to let me know.

carebear said...

Ok i would like to hear what is the difference between wiccan and paganism. Blessed be
Amethyst heart

E said...

I just wanted to say that I just discovered your podcast this weekend, and I absolutely love it. I'm halfway through episode 3 right now, but couldn't contain my urge to comment on how wonderful your podcast is. You speak very clearly and calmly; it is easy to listen to you. I can't wait until you put out a new episode!! (Of course, I still have to listen to the rest of episode 3 and 4, but that won't take long!!)
Thanks for the podcast,
Erika :)