Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where has that girl been

Well my dears, my unintended yet unavoidable summer hiatus will soon be coming to an end.  My oldest kidlet heads back to school tomorrow and my schedule will once again normalize.  I've spent a large amount of the last 3 or 4 months in the car driving from one camp or function to another and with absolutely no alone time to record.  Or sleep, or even to sit for that matter lol.  Any of my dear listeners with kids will, I'm sure, totally know what I mean.

So, look for a new show soon.  I have really missed both podcasting and my listeners.  It will be great to be back with you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I like a great many others in the Pagan community are awaiting some sad news.  It has been know for some time now that Isaac Bonewitz has been battling cancer.  The battle is almost over and it will be one that cancer wins.  Over the last year the outpouring of love and support for Isaac and he wife Pheadra has been great.  The whole community (or at least a very large percentage) has been involved, myself included.  I have never met Isaac but his influence for me has been far too great to measure and for that I consider him a friend.  I cannot say how saddened I am that we are loosing him.  I cry every time I think about it.  I'm crying right now in fact.  I can feel the sting of the tears as I type this. 

For over 40 years Isaac has been a pillar of strength in the Pagan movement.  More than that, he is one of the cornerstones in the foundation of modern Paganism.  A great deal of what we are today, we owe to Isaac. Wether you agreed with him or not, no one can deny his contributions. 

That I will never get to tell him how much he has changed and helped my life is something I shall always regret.  He helped shape the person I am today and for that I will always hold a place for him in my heart. 
My heart goes out to his family in this time and I just hope that when it comes they can find comfort in knowing that both he and they are well loved. 

Isaac, when the time comes, I wish you peace and rest on your journey across the waters.  You will be greatly missed

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deepest apologies and a plea for help

I want to say I'm sorry to my wonderful and patient listeners.  I am a bad, bad podkin.  I realize it has been a month since my last show and I feel so bad about that.  There has just been so much going on and no time (or quiet) to record the show.  I will be putting out a new show soon though.  I am hoping it will be before this weekend.  I am not going anywhere and I am not podfading I promise.  I wouldn't end the show without saying something and just leave you guys hanging.  Thank you again for sticking with me during this hectic time.  You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys.

All that said, I have a request to ask of you dear listeners.  I have mentioned Isaac Bonewitz and his health issues on the show before and asked you to send him healing energy.  I am asking you for your help yet again.  Isaac is not doing well at all.  He has again been hospitalized and his tumors are not shrinking.  The Doctors are saying he needs a miracle.  Isaac has been a huge voice is the Pagan community for over 4 decades.  He needs that community now to rally behind him and help make that miracle happen.  So I am asking please, even if you don't know much about him or don't agree with his teaching or views, do what you can.  Light a candle, say a prayer, do a full on healing rite, whatever you can do.  Help give his wonderful wife Phaedra all the comfort and help you can as well.  I cannot imagine being in her shoes right now.  She is doing her best to stay strong but she cannot do it alone so please keep her in your thoughts as well.

The ADF is doing a heal ritual for Isaac tonight at 9 eastern time and are asking anyone who can to join them.  Again, even if all you can do is light a candle please do so.  They are asking this of ADF members but I seriously doubt that there are any issues with anyone, member or not, participating.

May the many blessings of the Gods be with you and yours.

Blessings and light,

Monday, April 26, 2010

ECH Update

For those that had messaged me about The Earth Childs Handbook website being offline I am happy to say that it is back up. http://www.earthchildshandbook.com

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Show notes for episode 4

In episode 4 we talk about magickal names.  I cover a bit about the history of names and share the story of how I found my current Pagan name.  I also spend a little time talking about how you can find a name to use in the craft.  In the news I talk about the mine collapse in W.Va including commentary on this tragedy by the Westbro Baptist Church as well as their successful lawsuit against the father of a slain soldier  whose funeral they protested at.

I didn't do a tarot segment today as my daughter hid my deck from me but I did play some wonderful music.  The featured artist for this episode is Tricky Pixie and we heard Dryad's Promise.

I also play a promo for Inciting A Riot

The Celtic word of the day:

Dia duit ar maidin- Good Morning

Links to check out: These are links to the two sites I use for the Celtic word of the day

Byki language learning software


Friday, March 19, 2010

PFP Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3.  We talk about Project Pagan Enough,  Ostara, the recent approval of Pagan holidays by the NJ Board of Education, Texas SBE taking a huge step back, and a couple great references for Pagan parents.

Our Tarot card of the Day: 10 of Wands : Shouldering the Burden

The Celtic Word of the Day:

Cead Mile Failte- 10,000 Welcomes

Links mentioned in the show:

Pooka Pages- http://www.pookapages.com/

The Earth Child's Handbook- http://www.fantasyscraps.com/earth-childs-handbook/

Circle Round Raising Children in Goddess Traditions- http://www.circleround.com/

Goddesses mentioned:

Airmed or Airmid- Irish Goddess of Healing, medicinal plants, and the Keeper of Spring

Brighid- Irish Goddess of poetry and inspiration, midwifery, healing, childbirth, crafts, and smiths.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Big Thank you

I want to say thank you to Fire Lyte over at Inciting A Riot for creating the new graphic for the show. After a week and a half of me running into a brick wall will the image I had before and creating a new one, Fire Lyte took pity on me and offered to make one for me to consider. The result of that kindness is the image you now see as my avatar. I absolutely love it! So Fire Lyte, THANK YOU SO MUCH! SMOOCH! And thank you so much for all your help and making me feel so welcome in the pagan poscasters community, it has really meant a lot.

Slan Agus Beannacht Leat

Goodbye and Blessing With You